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The most frequently asked questions


Booking with us is simple. If you’re currently a member, it can be done right from your member dashboard. If you’re not currently a member, signing up for one of the memberships should be done first. Sign in and follow these steps:

  • Go to “Book a Stay” to make your reservations. Follow the guidelines to complete the process.
  • Check for Special Offers or Holiday Gift Vouchers that may be available.
  • Alternatively, you have the option of directly emailing us the requested booking at [email protected]
  • For additional booking questions, contact Myroh Support.

You’re able to book your first vacation, using any of the many payment options we offer, once you make at least 30% of the total membership cost. Once your payment has been received, you’re then able to book your dream vacation.

  • Yes, you’re able to upgrade at any time during the booking. Pay for the additional extras during that time or use Wallet Points for upgrades. Additionally, you can email or call our customer service line to add the upgrades once the booking has been made.
  • No, because Myroh takes care of everything for you. Through the most robust technology, you just get an instant confirmation regarding your booking. You have no need to follow-up, and if there is any updates, our support team will get in contact with you.


Our secure online payment gateway can be used for all payments done by Amex, Mastercard, Visa and Netbanking.

Additionally, you have the option of wiring money directly to us at:

MyRoh Holidays Pvt. Ltds
Axis Bank
A/C No. _____________
IFSC Code: ___________
Swift Code : ___________

As outlined in your membership agreement, you’re able to make payment in any currency that you choose, as long as it equals the amount of your membership fee. We are globally recognized, so we are able to accept any currency.
Rewards Points and e-Wallet are both equivalent to cash and both can be used to book, upgrade, add on excursions, etc. Any funds to an e-Wallet account can be transferred to bank account via a wire transfer.
No, you’re not able to add any funds to your rewards or wallet on your own. These are points given to new members and commission members can get from references.


Subject to conditions and terms, or specific circumstances, we do not allow full cancellations of bookings. However, if there is a special circumstance in which you need to cancel, please contact our service department immediately.
Yes, we do allow partial cancellations of bookings. However, you have to contact us directly to speak about the partial cancellation that you'd like to make.


You have a handful of options to contact our support team. We highly recommend that you use our online form or directly email us for a faster response time.

We do accept snail mail, as well as phone calls to be in touch with you.

Quick Facts

We are offer premium and high-end luxury accommodations to all of our members, including 5 star properties. However, our rating system does not account for every bit offered by the hotel. Each of our memberships accounts for quality class hotels based on research and analysis by our experts and not by star ratings.
We are limited on the number of rooms that we can provide to our members, since the hotels use the other rooms for walk-ins and their own members. This is why it is important that you book your holiday in advance to obtain your choice of room, location and date.
The hotels only offer a select number of rooms for us to use. The rest of the rooms are reserved for direct guests of the hotels. Due to this, we do not show the number of rooms available to us and the hotel shows a different number on their website.
Our membership fees only include your accommodations. However, through our “Special Request Section”, you’re able to request meals and airport pickup and drop off facilities with your booking by using your Rewards Points or other methods of payment.
It is difficult for us to secure hotel rooms in more popular locations due to their high demand and high prices. Oftentimes, the hotels may not be as good as those outside of the direct city areas, and because they cost so much, may also be a bad deal.
We try to have the best control over the amount of resorts that are available during peak travel seasons, however it is possible that many of them will become booked during these times. We cannot guarantee that any of the resorts or hotels are going to be open during the times you’d like to travel due to the limited number of spaces each provides.
While this is only a recommended guideline to follow, and not necessary to booking; it is recommended to ensure that you get the resort or hotel of your choosing, on the date of your choosing. Since we only offer a limited number of spots, this can increase your chances of staying in the best area.
Your annual fees are the maintenance charges associated with your accounts and booking choices. We use these to offer high quality services, as well as seamless operations so that you can have the best experience and vacation possible.

Booking Tips

It is recommended that you confirm your booking prior to purchasing your airfare tickets. Since we do not guarantee the specific dates or rooms, this can allow you to confirm when you’ll need your flight. Booking your flight once confirmation of the reservation is received is then recommended.
In order to book flights, activities and other vacation amenities correctly, it is essential to remember that resort stays are always from a Saturday to Saturday reservation when booking your resort.
All of our members are encouraged to book at least 45 days in advance, to ensure that they receive the destination and date of their choosing. When you book early, you have more options to go with for your next holiday. Last minute booking may not provide a wide assortment of rooms, dates and destinations since we are only offered a limited number of rooms in each resort.
The world is full of beautiful and astonishing destinations where you’re able to visit and explore. Leave no place unchecked. You can opt for more adventurous destinations, rather than the usual vacation destinations. Design your own vacation using New Zealand, China, Costa del Sol, Australia and so many others as your destination. They are the ideal places to spend your down time, and explore a bit more of the world around you. We encourage you to think outside the box and go somewhere unique and beautiful.