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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

"We, Myroh" have planned and reviewed its policies and practices to ensure that we meet all applicable legislation in relation to your privacy. Our motive behind making this policy is to make sure that our policy meets all the future laws and regulations in relation to privacy purpose. The policies are there to protect our interests in every respect.

If you have further questions related to this you can immediately contact us a [email protected]

1. Legal Data-handling

As a Service provider entity, we ensure that we will fairly deal with the data and information that we collect and process. All the data and information will be provided in law full manner. Not any this we even ensure the quality and security of your data in all respect. We value your data interests and fundamental freedoms and keeping these things in mind we make sure of your privacy.

2. Lawful Purposes

Considering Legitimate purposes, we would like to ensure that we will only collect, record, process and store the data as per our needs and not for any business interests. Your data will be only shared with our partners, and the customers to serve other legitimate requirements. All the information may disclose in legal contractual obligations within Myroh group of Company.

3. Data Accuracy

To ensure that your data and information is safe and secure, we have implemented effective methods for relevant actions. With these effective measures, we are certain that your data is not excessive in relations. Where we become aware of any inaccuracies in the data we hold, we will correct it or delete incorrect data.

Along with this, maintenance periods are in place to ensure that data is only used in to meet legal and regulatory requirements. If the data is not required we disposed the information in protected manner.

4. Information to you

We respect your privacy and keeping this in mind, we design and plan everything, when we collect data; we will identify ourselves and inform you that from what reason we have collected the data. Suppose your data has been collected by us for affiliates, associates, sister or subsidiary companies, than we will inform you and explain you we might be acting as a processor or an agent for them.

If in case our other associate, affiliates or partners company representing us, we will also inform you about the identity of that representative.

5. When will we seek your prior consent?

1. We would like to ask for your prior consent in the following circumstances:

- For A credit check
- Order form or booking form
- Membership applications
- Before we pass on any of your data to other companies either through a "tick-box" on your purchase or booking form or by asking you to notify us by telephone, fax or e-mail.
- While processing any sensitive data

6. Special restrictions on the use of sensitive data
  • Essentially require to be reserved by law
  • Mandatory for legal proceedings or to establish Exercise or defend legal rights (including protection against fraud)
  • Require to fulfill a contract between us or ( with our partners/ representatives)

7. Your rights

Being with us you have facilitated with some special rights

Firstly, you have the right to involve us and our associates, if you find that you as a person or your data have been used for advertising or marketing material. You can cease the communication with us and withdraw your consent.

Secondly, as we know that we have your data, so at any point of time you have the right to see all the data which we hold.

Any point of time you wish to have access to all or a particular part of your data. For this you have access to contact the Data Protection Officer / Grievance Officer at Myroh by [email protected]

The access will be granted as per seeing the requirements of applicable legislation and subject to any optional allowance for us to make a charge payable or any data. However, such access is only possible with stipulated applicable legislation.

In terms of payment and all the information will be forwarded to you within an appropriate period of time. As per applicable legislation we won’t entertain before 40 days from the date of such request for access.

If we find any discrepancies in your enquiry, we will take immediate steps to correct it. We will ensure you that the immediate actions will be taken within an appropriate period of time with complete legal processors. We even ensure you that within 40 days your request will be answered.

If you find any of your information that is display or shared in any media is confidential or incorrect, you can inform us to update, modify or to remove that particular data.

8. Data Security

As we have above mentioned that we respect you privacy so as our, considering our privacy, to carry out any necessary information and data, we provide access to respective employee/ representative.

To ensure the security of the data, We follow highly secure methods and processes whether the data is stored in media or while sharing data with any of our employee or representative.

9. Transfer of information

To work smoothly and efficiently, often we transfer data or information to our associates or partners. At occasion your data may be transferred to Myroh Group of Companies' or third parties, associated with us. If we require your data, we make sure that your data will still be adequately protected in all terms.

If there is any access or transfer of data to agencies or third parties outside the area or operation, we even monitor compliance, binding contractual undertakings. Along with us our affiliates, associates and partners have agreed to adopt equivalent measures to protect you data and vital information.

10. Data Exchange/ communication

Being a service providers, We Myroh and Any of our partners or associates can contact you at any point of time to inform you regarding any offer, market analysis, operational feedback, comments , suggestions, ideas or the likes and for administration purposes, until and unless you have not opted out for any such process / action. We request you to not share any of the confidential information through any media such as website. If, in case, we receive any information excluding your personal information will be regarded as non- confidential.

If you are providing any information in form of feedback, reviews, experience online survey, ideas, comments etc), other than your personal information, you grant us permission to modify, reproduce, display, perform and distribute such non personal information in any manner for any purpose.